The power of the foot soak

The foot is the foundation of the body and is often the most under acknowledged.  Time after time there have been cultures that have had foot bathing as a sign of respect.  The most popular example is that of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  Jesus being hosted by the wealthy let this poor outcast woman wash his feet.  The wealthy man became jealous that Jesus gave him the same amount of attention to this outcast as he did the man who was someone of idealistic importance.  When confronted about it Jesus said that his host had failed to show humility as well as be a good host in the bathing of the feet.

Maybe that is made up.  We will never really know how much of the tales of  were fact or fiction.  After all there is no one we can turn to ask and time travel is not currently a thing we access to.  What we do know is that a lot of us work on our feet.  Many of us end up wearing uncomfortable shoes  for the sake of fashion.  For some unknown reason you can’t get shoes that look good and give you perfect support in all the right places. Instead we beat up our feet and them curse them for aching.

In an ideal world we would all go to a nail salon and remind our foundation how much we appreciate them for all that they do. We would spend at least 30 dollars a week to have someone nurture our feet. No matter how tired or stinky they may have become. Wishing you had a loved one to come home and give you a nice long foot rub. We don’t always have the luxury of a foot rub from a loved one and sometimes you are just to tired to do it yourself.  Luckily there are foot basins  designed to invigorate and help release the stresses that your everyday life throws at your feet.  I often add tea bags, essential oils, and/or epsom salts.  You can get epsom salts that are already scented with the essential oils so that you have less to keep track of.  I personally like scenting things on my own to best suit my mood at any given day.

It is time to treat yourself.   Loving yourself is the first step to a fulfilling tantric life!







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