Cuddling Therapy…What is it?

 Cuddle Therapy, or Touch Therapy, can be described as a unique form of relaxation therapy, but it is really so much more. The power of cuddling and light touch is used to tap into the healing properties that are associated with the touching and embracing of another human being in a platonic and healthy way. Techniques vary slightly, but a Cuddle/Touch Therapists or Professional Cuddler may offer close and full body embracing, varied changing of positions, as well as some light reciprocal touching, scratching, caressing,  etc.., all within a soft, safe, and nurturing place.

Is Cuddling Therapy right for you?

If you feel that you could use a new way to alleviate stress or raise your level of happiness and well- being then it could be right for you. Perhaps you are lonely and just need some human touch or you are in the process  of creating a new plan for yourself that focuses on health or feeding the lack of touch and nurturing you are currently experiencing.

 I sent an email requesting to be contacted, what next?

I will contact you through email within 24 to 48 hours to see where you are in the process of moving ahead. You may have additional questions you would like answered at this time, or perhaps you already know that touch therapy  is something that you would like to try. I will begin to work with you to see where and when we might have our first meeting. 

 I’m ready for a Touch Therapy session, when can I have one?

Because this is a intimate and close form of therapy, I require one meeting to get acquainted before the first session can take place. After we have had a meeting and we have made the decision to move forward, then most times a session can happen within a week. 

Where does this first meeting take place and what is it about?

I call the first meeting a meet and greet. It is a fun way to get acquainted, for you to ask questions, and for me to have a chance to tell you all about CT, which I enjoy doing very much. I require that the meeting take place in a public area, and during daylight hours. We will meet for something very casual like tea or coffee. I only base my personal decision to work with someone on cleanliness and safety, this is all about seeing if we jive and nothing else. I am not influenced by your looks, age, personality, or physical (dis)abilities. Which means that during our first meeting, I only want you to be as real and forthcoming, as you are able to be, so that I can start to build a connection with you before our first session together.

What is a Touch Therapy session like?

No two sessions are alike. Sessions even vary and change with individuals over time, as experience and comfort levels increase, so it is difficult to fully describe what it will be like for you. It is just something you need to experience for yourself! 
How long does a session last?
A full session last one hour, and is the minimum time required to schedule a session. Most sessions are between 1 and 2 hours. Once a length of time is decided on for a session, more time cannot be requested during or at the time of the touch therapy session.

 Feeling nervous? Check it out.

Feeling nervous is a very typical first reaction for most of the people I see. This is something new and different. It’s an experience that is intimate and that can be quite intimidating for some. I would recommend that you savor the feeling of being nervous and maybe even a little bit scared. So often these feelings are associated with bad things in our lives, and so when we have an opportunity to associate them with something good, it can make us stronger and heal different places within ourselves, that are waiting to be tapped into. It isn’t very often, especially as we get older, that we have an opportunity to create and act upon something in our lives that will stir us in a way…and tickle some places long forgotten, that  aren’t touched often or nearly enough in a safe way. 

What if I become embarrassed?

In a world where we are bombarded with images of athletic and toned bodies, some might feel self conscious or embarrassed about their bodies and have a hard time with the thought that someone (me) is going to be seeing and touching a portion of that imperfect body! First of all, my focus is on your happiness level and your sense of well-being, that is what it cuddle therapy is all about.
This work takes part largely on the energy level, that is where I am making the major connections with you. Even though the physical connection is happening as well, I am more in touch with who you are on a deeper level, and I find every single person I work to have beauty on that level. 
Just remember that most likely every one of your concerns is normal and typical, and I have tried to cover those I hear the most, and we can talk about the others when we have our meet and greet! Cuddle therapy is definitely not for everyone, but it would be too bad to make the decision not to try touch therapy based on fear or embarrassment. That is all the more reason to do it. I promise I will put you at ease very quickly-at least that’s what I’m told.

Do you work with both men and women?

Yes, I work with both men and woman. We all, on occasion, need human touch.

How much does a session cost?

 60 minute session   $60
 90 minute session   $90
120 minute session $120 
Travel Service Fee based on one way trip. 
  5-10 miles: Free
11-20 miles:+$10
21-30 miles:+$20
 This service can also include going to dinner, a movie, being a companion, and of course cuddling!